by MexicoFALLZ

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released March 5, 2010

All songs written by MexicoFALLZ.
Produced, Mixed and Engineered by Outhouse Studios.



all rights reserved


MexicoFALLZ Kent

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Track Name: The Vagtastic Voyage
We got loose Lips, saying what we wanna say

We got Goals, Believing what we wanna believe

Knowing that it’s all gonna work out

Everyday its all I can think about

Lately I don’t know

Where to start and where to go

I guess I’ll take it from here

I know I’m not the only one (two three four)

Were not gonna live our lives for

Anybody else but ourselves

So now we’ll live fast

Not wasting time with nothing to live for

We’re not getting younger, not feeling older

So though our time time time might fly away

We just live for tomorrow yesterday

What you waiting for?

We’ll do this all again

Live every day till the end.

So we’ll live with a smile on our face

So we’ll dance with a spring in our step

So we’ll have a happy beat down in our hearts
And everyday we’ll sing.

Dance till you drop dead
Track Name: Just Cause The Shows Over, Don't Mean The Party Is!
Tear it up, Tear it up

Have another drink

We don’t give a fuck what other people think

We’ll take it from here

So everybody in here get down.

Bags packed, full tank, Over confident

Got our Jager and crate for the merryment.

We’re gonna crank it up,

We’ll Fucking Bow Down

We never know what we’ll see this time around.

We’re going back to our second home,

Our life on the road.

We don’t sleep, but we don’t care because

We’re here with all our friends

We’ll celebrate the night with a drink.

So tomorrows gonna be the same

With a different town but familiar faces

The only thing that I regret is not a single fucking thing

We’ll kick back and see the sights

Cant wait for another night

These really are the days of our lives.
Track Name: Here's To The Future
I know that it sometimes gets hard

There’s not always affection

But you know that with me you are the one

And that’s why I got your attention

Baby one day we’ll have it all

And won’t give it back

Maybe one day we’ll have control

Here we go, here we go, here we go again

Let it roll to the very end

We’re gonna get it, we’re gonna get it

But we’ll never change, never change

Never gonna change at all

So here we go, here we go, here we go again

And I know you won’t regret anything

Cause one day we’ll be

Right where wanna be.

So baby one day, Im gonna give you everything

And I’ll expect nothing back

And our lives and the past, well it won’t mean anything.
Track Name: Nice Face
Every time you come running

I Step back cause I see you coming

These past years should've made me stronger

Can’t take it any longer

The sight of you it makes me sick

Your morning breath it smells like shit

The less I say about your friends,

Will work out better in the end

Maybe, I’ll make it easy on myself

With a bullet to the brain

Cause after all we’ve been through

There’s not enough words to tell you how much I hate you

You are the one who would always say

You never really wanted things to work out this way

All the good times you were rarly sober

All of the rest, you were hungover

Now that’s just one out of a few

Reasons I have as to why I can’t stand you.

I wish I could tell you every line

But that would take me till the end of time.
Track Name: FallzXcore
So here we go

Still nothing has changed, the same shit again and

I don’t want to know anything that you have got to say

So step up, step up I wont pull any punches

Shut the fuck up, you’ve ruined your chances

Its about time you hear what I gotta say

I never really gave a shit about you anyway

Left right and round and round

Here we go up down

Left right and round and round

So memorize, memorize my best disguise

Ill take it off, I’ll take it off to confront your lies

You look at me, and now you see there’s no feeling

Temporary hurt and permanent healing.

It’s plain to see I ain’t got you in the end

Well who cares? Who needs you? I got my friends

Through all of this they were the ones who kept me high

Through all of this they were the ones that got me by

So now I’m glad, I say I’m glad that you’ve gone,

And what we’ve had it went on for too long

I realise right now what was really wrong

I realise your just another bitch in a song.

So how’s it feel to know its coming to an end now?

No matter what you do, there’s nothing you can do about

It is over, you’re a bitch, a liar

You’re just a waste of time

So give it up, give it up I don’t wanna know you

Time to let go, it’s over, now we’re through

Same old song and dance that we know

A few steps to take as we go:

Left right and round and round

Here we go, up down

Left right and round and round

Here we go.

I took it away, that hold you had on me

I took it away its now gone

I took it away, that hold you had on me

Now I can see, That you’re just a bitch

You're just another bitch in a song
Track Name: Neons And Cock Tales
You say that life’s not going your way,

Well relax cause tomorrows another day for you to feel alright.

They say the good times come with bad

So just think of the good that you have had

Cause there much more to come.

Close your eyes and you might see the future,

All the things that they tried to tell ya.

And you know that everything will work out.

If you want, you can make the best of anything,

Spend your life, living out your wildest dreams.

Just Stop, and take a look around,

Take a look around.

You know that life flies by so fast

Well if you don’t look around then it might pass

And just leave you behind.

Best friends always by your side,

Get yourself ready for a hell of a ride,

Cause Life’s to short to waste
Track Name: My Face Is My Ticket
Hey! Well I’m so sick to death of everything,

We’ve come to far to turn around and start again.

I said, she said, we could never just be friends,

I guess that’s true, this is where our story ends.

We could've been everything.

But you have to let us go

We could've been everything.

I guess we’ll never know

You said you could give it all,

Set us up for the rise and fall.

Look at us now,

We’re making it now on our own.

And she says:

You’re nothing but a stupid little dick

I said that’s fine, cause you’re a fucking hissy bitch.

You’re lame, insane.

Nothing but a chore to me,

We’re through, Fuck you .

My new enemy
Track Name: Highlights
You gotta live it right cause you won’t live it again,

Live your life to full cause nothing starts when it ends

So give it everything and never let go

Cause when your time is up

Is just an answer you just don’t know

So give it everything, so give it everything,

So give it everything, and never let it go.

Time and time, another day wasted,

You just complain, and say you’ll never make it

You gotta try cause no ones gonna do it for you.

You’re wasting your time day by day,

You just don’t know.

You gotta live it right cause you won't live it again,

Live your life to the full cause nothing starts when it ends.

So give it everything and never let go,

Cause when your time is up

Is just an answer you don’t know.

It’s a one way street of uncertainties

And endless possibilities

So come on come on

You know you gotta live it right.

So come on come on

And live the best of your life.

When you're seeing nothing around

And all you hear is the silence in sound

And the lights turn out around you

Know that the answers are right there in front of you.

Life don’t wait for no one to take it

You just gotta make it

Everything that you wanted it to be.
Track Name: Start The Ride
We have to believe it has to go on

We have to believe what we love will be gone.

So keep all hope inside

Keep on believing

And you know that you’ll get by

Just keep on trying

Just keep your chin up, don’t let life get you down.

Keep on believing

And you’ll see that the best is yet to come

Just keep on trying

And you’ll look back when the last day comes

And you’ll know you done everything

And you’ll see.

We have to believe it has to go on

Or we'll have to believe what we love will be gone.

We have to believe that it has to go on

You have to believe what we love will be gone.

So get up, take the ride,

don’t go along with the tide

Haters won't wish you well

Fuck them straight to hell

Every, Every, Everything will be ok

Every, Every, Everything will be ok

So when everything goes according to plan

And it falls into place in your hands

Know that you’ve done it all!

So start the Ride, Rollercoaster the rest of your life.
Track Name: Oh Billy!
About 2 years ago now

Tommy met jess but it didn’t work out

So now Billys there to help him see this through.

So he says:

Tonight we’re gonna get Fucked up.

There was a time in life he thought would never end

Turns out he was wrong so the story begins.

He asked Billy for a lot of advice

On how to start a brand new life.

And billy says:

Oh, Mate! I can help you,

to get over the shit that you’ve been through.

There’s a party down the road tonight,

Well do you think you’re up for that?

So they neck a few shots just to start the night

They know that everything, that everything

is gonna go just the way they wanted.

They Say:

Oh! Gonna be wicked fun

Beer, chicks, mates and just hanging out with everyone

Gonna get to see what you have been missing out on all along.

So here we go, we aint taking it slow

Gonna have another beer, and then get with someone we don’t know

Beer bong, Shotgun, Getting Naked, Having Fun

Living it up, there’s high fives for everyone.

So turn up the tunes, gonna break down the room

Now the night has begun, get some air in your lungs and scream

Beer bong, Shotgun, Getting Naked, Having Fun

Living it up, there’s high fives for everyone.

Now he’s got his mates and he has gotten over her

Jess is only a memory and he don’t care.

He thanked Billy for all his advice

He said, now you can get on with your life.

They Say, Time to get another drink.

Drunk guy, fucked up, pissing in the kitchen sink.

Nights full of laughter, no sense of disaster

Wreck every room with no need for an answer.

Everybody’s loving it, hanging out, there’s nothings wrong

DJ’s got a track list down, playing old Nintendo Song

The only thing missing is two girls kissing,

But that could happen later on, we don’t even know!

Beer Bong, Shot Gun, Getting Naked, Having Fun

Cocktails, Cheap beer, Beatdowns, Jager Bombs

Fist Fights, Mosh Pits, Jelly shots, Vomit

Pizza, Vodka, Neck it, Forfeit

Hand Jobs, Back flips, second base, girls tits

MySpace, Beer cans, Streaking, Punk Kids

You Porn, iPods, Xbox, Hi Tops

Sunshine, lollipops, Rainbows, lemon drops

Beer bong, Shotgun, Getting Naked, Having Fun

Living it up, there’s high Fives for everyone.
Track Name: Denial Aint Just A River In Egypt
So long, goodbye, I’ll stay tonight

Cause tomorrow I'm gonna leave for a new

life away from you and me

I’m gonna make a brand new everything

And with these lips give one last kiss

Every time I tried was hit or miss

Back to the start and the story you know

Cause the truth of it is

It wasn’t too long ago

You made me feel like nothing at all

I’ve never felt so fucking small

Every time time time with you was a time I tried

But you always did your best to

Lie lie lie and cheat and steal

I never felt so low.

Oh how often you said

Things would change they never did

Now I’m breaking my back just to forget you

As it turned out nothing ever changed

Hard as you tried still everything stayed the same

As it was since the night we met

Days, weeks, months, left nothing but the taste of regret

We're taking over

Control we thought we'd lost

We're taking over

We'll never forget what it cost